Soraa Unveils its Flagship Product, Soraa LED MR16 Lamp

FEBRUARY 10, 2012 | By Andy Choi for

Soraa, a renowned innovator of GaN on GaN, gallium nitride on gallium nitride solid-state lighting technology, has introduced the Soraa LED MR16 lamp, its flagship product.

This novel product is the first LED lamp to deliver halogen-equivalent brightness, surpassing the traditional halogen MR16 in terms of performance. The Soraa LED MR16 lamp is based on GaN on GaN technology and denotes an innovative advancement in LED 2.0 lighting technology.

Based in Fremont, CA, Soraa’s lighting products design lab and fabrication facility employed excellent solid-state lighting experts from the University of California, to develop the world's first GaN on GaN light-chip technology.

The highest-performance LED MR16 lamp utilizes the company-owned GaN on GaN technology. The pure GaN crystal of Soraa is up to 1000 times purer than GaN on silicon carbide or GaN on sapphire substrates that serve as platforms for other LED lighting technologies.

The Soraa LED MR16 lamp, known as the company's flagship product, is being offered to commercial customers initially. The MR16 format is more complex due to its small size, high quality brightness requirements, and this motivated the company to select this format for an innovative achievement. The elegant crystal structure of Soraa's GaN on GaN MR16 generates a brilliant, optimized, highly-focused beam that is capable of yielding a center beam candle-power and high color rendering index equivalent to a standard halogen lamp. This novel lamp is the first LED to excel the 50 W halogen and capable of operating without a mechanical fan. The refined, single-source LED design of the lamp presents crisp object definition with solo shadow, delivering an excellent beam pattern with uniform color.

Furthermore, the Soraa LED MR16 lamp with its optimized electrical design is compatible with all dimmers and transformers and ideally used for both outdoor and indoor applications.

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