Soraa Voices Support for California's Higher Light Quality Lamp Specification

October 29, 2012

Taking an actiove role in bringing Quality of Light issues to the forefront, Soraa commented on the recent Proposed Voluntary California Quality LED Lamp Specification staff report prepared by the California Energy Commission.

The report outlines a proposed voluntary quality Specification that would advise energy policy makers and the lighting industry in their collective goal to move consumers away from the inefficient incandescent lighting of the past century and toward teh more efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lighting technology.

California Energy Commission staff worked with technical experts, utilities, and industry to determine the level of performance necessary to achieve a lighting product that would meet or exceed customer expectations for general purpose lighting. This Specification represents Energy Commission staff's proposed minimum requirements for an LED light to be considered "California quality".

The concept of the California Quality LED Lamp Specification, and many of the original arguments for its necessity, arose from discussions with Professors Michael Siminovitch and Konstantinos Papamichael, of the California Lighting Technology Center, and from ideas they developed in a report titled Relighting American Homes with LEDs, published as an editorial in Lighting Design And Application, August 2012.

This draft report will be used as the basis for discussion at a public workshop to be organized at the Energy Commission in late 2012. The workshop will solicit input from the lamp industry, the utilities, and other interested stakeholders, regarding the voluntary Specification. Staff will consider all comments received, and will develop a final report for publication.

Read the CEC report

Read Soraa's comments

Read the CEC report

Read Soraa's comments


Andy Beck