Soraa demonstrates green laser diodes for >20 lumen pico projectors with minimal speckle

Company to display green and blue laser diodes at CES in Las Vegas Jan 6-9, 2011


Soraa Inc., (formerly Kaai, Inc.), a rapidly expanding clean-techsemiconductor company and world leader in commercialization of green and blue laser diodes, announced today the demonstration of green laser diodes (LDs) which are ideally suited for >20 lumenpico projectors. These direct emitting green lasers have produced images which exhibit substantiallyreduced speckle compared to conventional green lasers based on second harmonic generation. Thecompany will display green and blue LDs at its private suite at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada January 6-9, 2011.

Soraa’s green LDs output more than 75 milliwatt of continuous wave power in the 520-525nm range,are single spatial mode and multi spectral mode. The devices can be directly modulated at high speedsrequired for high resolution displays with minimal speckle. Soraa’s LDs are well suited for all picoprojector display generating technologies including LCOS, scanning MEMS mirrors DLP, and otherdiffractive approaches. Soraa’s green LD devices complement Soraa’s previously announced blue 450nm LDs which already exhibit industry best efficiency and power. [SEE PRESS RELEASE MAY 24, 2010.]

Soraa’s LDs are based on InGaN semiconductor technology and are fabricated on innovative nonpolarand semipolar GaN substrates. Soraa’s direct diode green and blue lasers offer improvements inperformance, size, weight, and cost over conventional gas or solid state lasers for consumer projectiondisplays, defense pointers and illuminators, biomedical instrumentation and therapeutics, and industrialimaging applications.


Soraa is a rapidly expanding clean-tech company commercializing disruptive, energy saving solutions.Leveraging fundamental semiconductor materials advances, Soraa was founded in 2008 by worldrenowned semiconductor pioneers Professors Shuji Nakamura, Steven Denbaars and James Speck ofUniversity of California, Santa Barbara. The management team is led by Eric Kim, former executiveof Intel and Samsung, and is comprised of commercial laser industry veterans. Soraa is funded byKhosla Ventures and NEA and operates vertically integrated fabrication facilities in California's SiliconValley and Santa Barbara. To learn more about Soraa, visit, or contact the company at or (510) 456-2200.


Andy Beck