GaN on GaN

10x Higher Output

The main advantage of Soraa’s GaN on GaN (Gallium Nitride on Gallium Nitride) LED material is that it allows reliable operation at very high current densities. It has 1000x fewer defects than conventional LEDs, which have GaN layers on cheaper foreign substrates like sapphire, silicon carbide, or silicon. This enbles Soraa LEDs to emit 10x more light per unit area of LED material than conventional LEDs. GaN on GaN’s optical transparency and high thermal and electrical conductivity also enable a very robust, simple LED design that delivers maximum light output and performance.

Gen 2 LED Performance

In February 2013, Soraa announced world-record performance from its GaN on GaN LEDs. For applications that require very high light output from tiny form factors – e.g. MR16 lamps – Soraa’s Gen 2 LEDs deliver unprecedented performance and color rendering. The SORAA PREMIUM 2 and VIVID 2 LED MR16 lamps use these Gen 2 LEDs.

Perfect Spectrum Light

Conventional LEDs use a blue emitter pumping two phosphors to make white light. The resulting spectrum does not exactly match the black body curve for visible light – it has a high blue spike and is missing important parts of the spectrum in violet and cyan. These LEDs can also have values either above or below the black body curve, making their light greener or pinker. GaN on GaN enables Soraa’s LEDs to use a violet LED emitter pumping three phosphors, thus achieving a closer match to the black body curve, and delivering a perfectly balanced full-visible-spectrum light closest to daylight - in fact even better, as it has no ultraviolet or infrared emission.