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Are LED Lights a Good Option for Pool Lighting?

August 2017 - by Soraa

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If you closely examine the vast array of options available for lighting a pool, you will find attributes for each that would be advantageous depending on the nature and requirements of your specific installation. However, LED lighting for pools is particularly beneficial for several reasons, as reported on Technology Trends in an article titled “Installation of LED – The New Lighting Technology Trend.”


LED lighting technology is becoming common to use for dramatic swimming pool lighting. As it is not heated up and resistant to shock, it would be preferable to use for underwater application. The installation tactics for lighting swimming pools with LEDs are somewhat different, but installed in a similar way like normal pool lights. It will prove durable and economical for wet applications and at the end result will look very attractive if placed properly.

Pros and cons of LED light installation


  • Easy to install and replace: The level of difficulty installing the LED lighting is very low. They easily fit and can be replaced without much effort. Also, for underwater application you don’t have to drain out your pool water.
  • Even and cool brightness: LED lights create cool and pleasing aura without any glazing effect. Also, it spreads light evenly in the surroundings.


  • Periodic replacement of bulb: ideally an LED bulb typically lasts for 7-15 years and also the only part that needs periodic replacement.


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