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Light+Building Artist Spotlight: Hugo Garcia-Urrutia

March 2018 - by SORAA

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Hugo, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hola, my name is Hugo G. Urrutia. I am a multidisciplinary artist-designer, interested in two and three dimensional art that challenges the notion of what constitutes a piece of artwork.

Tell us about where your internal inspiration comes from?

I am very much inspired by the simplicity of common materials such as plywood, and exploring new ways to manipulate its form. The process is very important to me. Although I usually start a project with a clear goal, the most interesting results and ideas are often found within the process. Using nature and geometry as a starting point, I am interested in the notion of a wave, a synchronized flock of birds, a silk fabric soothingly moving with the wind. Then, I challenge myself to try to mimic these noble forms.

How does it influence the work you do?

I am currently working on a series called “Flexible Rigids”. This series derives from repetitiveness of a simple component like the triangle. As a whole, it produces a sort of wavy effect in which I can play with the shades and shadows. By cutting a simple rigid colored plane in a precise way, my “canvas” becomes sculptural and organic. How the final result and fluidity of the form is perceived, depends highly on how well the work is lit.

Tell us about light and color and how that plays into your work and your creative process.

Light and color definitely play a very important role in my work. The Flexible Rigids’ series is composed of many small components that create a whole. Each triangle plays a different but choreographed role to achieve a balanced piece, as their color and depth is transformed and enhanced by the “touch” of the light.Artist-Hugo_In-line.jpg

As an artist, tell us about what other art forms and artists have inspired your work?

I am inspired not just by artists, but also by designers in general that cross-pollinate and merge to incorporate techniques and materials from other fields. It is very exciting to see artists that have collaborated with other talents outside their field; from a biologist studying biomimetic forms through a microscope, to fashion designers incorporating parametric patterns into their designs.

How has your art evolved or changed over the years?

In the past, I have explored conveying social messages through conceptual art installations. I am always looking for new ways to evoke and engage the viewer into my work. I think this current series explores the more poetic side of me, mixed with some architectural elements. My goal is to create soothing dynamic forms that transport the viewer and transform their space.

And how do you want others to view and experience your work?

I want the viewers to enjoy my work as a dynamic art piece. To see this triangulated free form-painted wood, not just as a sculptural art piece, but as an expression of movement and fluidity.

Where else can people find your work?

email: hugo@decorazongallery.com


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