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  • Soraa Healthy BR30


  • Details

    We designed SORAA ZEROBLUE lamps with our unique SORAA ZEROBLUE technology, which means your body gets the circadian health benefits of blue-free light in the evening as nature intended. Nights are more restful, your body relaxes, and sleep comes more easily.

    SORAA’s patented ZEROBLUE technology advances LED science by creating an emitter of high-quality white light without blue radiation. Based on SORAA’s world leading violet LEDs, SORAA combines an engineered mix of green and red phosphors to produce a spectrum with a wide gap in the blue range.

    • Features SORAA ZEROBLUE Technology
    • 2700K, Soft White, 120° LED with a 700 lumen output range
    • Can be used in fully enclosed fixtures, in both indoor and outdoor locations

    Commercial Applications: General purpose lighting, Schools, Hotels, Offices, Hospitals, Healthcare facilities

    Home Applications: Areas where you spend time in the evening post sundown

  • Features
    • 2700K, Soft White, Omnidirectional LED with a 650 lumen output
    • CRI-80, R9-90
    • Replaces 65W incandescent bulbs
    • Can be used in fully enclosed fixtures, in both indoor and outdoor locations
    • Dimmable, and tested with a wide range of dimmers
    • Low Flicker: Achieving <30% flicker in both dim and undimmed states
    • Suitable for damp locations
    • Rated lifetime: 25,000hrs
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  • North America Specs


    Watts Beam Lumens CBCP Model # Code Snap
    LM79 IES Compatibility
    CRI 80
    R9 90
      50 15W 120 700 SB30-15-120D-Z27-01 13941