Radiant FAQ

  • How do I choose the right bulb?

    In order to select the right LED replacement for an existing incandescent, halogen or CFL bulb, pay attention to the following items:

    1. Shape and Base Type

    LED bulbs are available in the same shapes and base types - to make them fit in existing fixtures.  Soraa Radiant bulbs are offered in the following popular shapes and base types:


    A19 and BR30 bulbs use an E26 Edison screw-type base for operation in 120V sockets.

    MR16 bulbs uses a GU5.3 bi-pin base for operation in low-voltage 12V sockets.

    GU10 bulbs uses a GU10 bi-post base for operation in 120V sockets.

    2. Wattage Equivalent & Lumens

    LED bulbs are more energy efficient than incandescent and halogen bulbs.  So, they put out more light (lumens) per watt consumed.  The 'wattage equivalent' label you find on many LED products indicates it emits an amount of light (or brightness, measured in lumens) that is similar to an incandescent bulb of such wattage.  For example, a 60W A19 incandescent bulb typically emits 800 lumens of light.  So, a LED A19 bulb with a '60W equivalent' label will also typically emit 800 lumens - or same brightness - making it a good replacement in the same socket.

    3. Light Color

    Light color is measured on the Kelvin (K) temperature scale.  Lower Kelvin numbers mean warmer light.  The higher Kelvin numbers mean cooler, bluer light. Soraa Healthy and Radiant bulbs offer beautiful soft white light at 2700K. This is the standard color temperature of incandescent bulbs and is, by far, the most popular color temperature used in homes.

  • Where should I use Soraa Radiant bulbs?

    Use Soraa Radiant bulbs in rooms and spaces where you want to maximize color vibrancy. Full spectrum light makes objects appear as nature intended. Furniture, artwork, food and skin tones look their best. Examples: Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room.

  • Are Soraa bulbs dimmable?

    Even though many LED lights claim they are dimmable, not all dimming is created equal. Poor quality LED lights might buzz or visibly flicker at low power. Soraa bulbs dim smoothly and look beautiful at any level of power.

  • Is Soraa Radiant a smart light bulb?

    Soraa Radiant is not a “smart” or connected light bulb. Radiant is what we refer to as “static” and can be turned on, off and dimmed with a standard light switch/dimmer instead of a connected home device or app. Soraa makes a clever, connected product line called Soraa Sky, which will be available in January.

  • What is the expected life of a Soraa Radiant bulb?

    Based on 3 hour per day standard usage, all Soraa Radiant bulbs are expected to last 22.8 years. This is 10 times as long as an incandescent bulb will typically last.

  • What is the expected energy cost per year?

    Compared with incandescent bulbs, Soraa LED bulbs will save you money in energy cost, just like other LED bulbs. Estimated energy cost per year for each bulb is calculated assuming usage of 3 hours/day, 7 days per week and an energy cost of $0.11/kWh.


    Bulb Type

    Radiant Est. Energy Cost/Year

    Incandescent/Halogen Est. Energy Cost/Year














    In general, these annual energy costs are approximately five (5) times less than wattage equivalent incandescent and halogen bulbs.

  • What are lumens?

    Lumens are the measure of brightness for any light source. You might think of brightness as wattage, but wattage refers to the power consumed to burn the bulb, not the actual brightness. Naturally, the higher the wattage of an incandescent bulb, the brighter it looks because it uses more power to create light and heat. Wattage is not an accurate measure of brightness for LED bulbs, so we use lumens to measure brightness instead. Soraa Radiant also gives you the “watt equivalent” which tells you what the equivalent brightness would be in watts if it were an incandescent bulb.

  • How bright are Soraa Radiant bulbs?

    Soraa Radiant A19’s provide 800 lumens (60 watt equivalent), BR30’s provide 725 lumens (65 watt equivalent), and MR16/GU10’s provide 410 lumens (50 watt equivalent).

  • What is the color temperature (CCT) for Soraa Radiant?

    All Soraa Radiant bulbs have a color temperature (CCT) of 2700K, which is commonly referred to as soft white light. This color temperature is the same provided by light from incandescent bulbs – and creates the best environment for your home.

  • What does LED ‘wattage equivalent’ mean?

    "Wattage equivalent" is a term used to compare more efficient LED bulbs with traditional incandescent bulbs. Although a watt is used to measure energy consumption, most consumers have used the amount of watts a light bulb uses to determine brightness of an incandescent bulb.  For example, an incandescent bulb that uses 100W is brighter than an incandescent bulb that uses 40W.

    Since LED bulbs consume less energy, they use fewer watts, making it more difficult to determine the brightness emitted from the bulb solely on the number of watts used.  Most LED light bulb manufacturers label the wattage equivalent to that of an incandescent bulb to make it easier for consumers to choose the correct bulb.

    Soraa Radiant Products:
    Radiant A19 is a 60W equivalent. It uses 11W of energy to produce 800 lumens of light output.
    Radiant BR30 is a 65W equivalent. It uses 11W of energy to produce 710 lumens of light output.
    Radiant MR16 and GU10 are 50W equivalent. They use 7.5W of energy to produce 410 lumens of light output.

  • Do Soraa bulbs buzz when dimmed?

    That annoying buzzing noise you hear with some LED lights will never happen with Soraa bulbs. We use high quality materials and construction to sound proof the light. We test at every level of power to make sure there is zero buzz, even when dimmed.

  • Do Soraa bulbs flicker when dimmed?

    Just like buzz, some LED lights flicker, especially when dimmed. Soraa bulbs are held to the highest quality standards and are built so they don’t flicker, even at low power when dimmed.

  • Can Soraa Radiant be used in an enclosed light fixture?

    Soraa Radiant A19, MR16 and GU10 can all be used in enclosed light fixtures. The BR30 bulbs are designed for traditional open recessed lighting, so cannot be used in an enclosed light fixture.

  • What is the CRI for Soraa Radiant?

    At Soraa, we measure what matters when it comes to color. Other LED bulbs use an outdated metric called CRI, which does not account for the most important pieces of color: R9 and RW. Soraa Radiant has a CRI of 95, similar to other high quality LED bulbs. But Soraa Radiant scores 95 out of 100 for R9 compared to other LED bulbs that score less than 10. Soraa Radiant scores 100 out of 100 for RW, compared to other LED bulbs that score zero. When it comes to color it is important to look beyond CRI.

  • What is R9?

    We know through research that human beings respond most positively when deep reds, technically referred to as R9, look the same as in natural light, or sunlight. When a light source has high R9, reds, oranges and skin tones look closest to natural. Soraa Radiant scores 95 out of 100 on R9. Most LED bulbs score less than 10.

  • What is RW?

    Sunlight has a way of making the brightest whites look illuminated, and shows off the slightest differences in shades of white. We measure how “true” whites look with a whiteness index called RW. A high RW score means whites look the same as in sunlight, and the whitest of whites pop. Soraa Radiant scores 100 out of 100 on RW. Most LED bulbs score zero.

  • Does Soraa Radiant save energy?

    Yes, compared with traditional incandescent bulbs, Soraa Radiant saves energy. Our A19’s use 11 watts, compared with a 60 watt incandescent. Our BR30’s use 11.5 watts, compared with a 65 watt incandescent. Our MR16’s and GU10’s use 7.5 watts, compared with a 50 watt halogen.

  • Is the globe on Soraa Radiant made of plastic or glass?

    The globe on Soraa Radiant A19 and BR30 bulbs is made of BPA free plastic.

  • Are Soraa Radiant bulbs compatible for countries outside the US?

    Currently Soraa Radiant bulbs are only available for countries on a 120V system, and have been certified for operation in the US and Canada. Soraa will be rolling out versions for other countries and expanding to 100V and 230V international markets soon.

  • Can I use Soraa Radiant bulbs in a flush mount ceiling light fixture?

    Yes. Typical flush mount ceiling fixtures use 2 or more A19 style bulbs.  Soraa A19 bulbs are rated for enclosed fixtures.

  • Are Soraa bulbs damp rated?

    Yes, Soraa bulbs can be installed in damp locations. A damp location is an interior or exterior location that is normally or periodically subject to condensation of moisture in, on or adjacent to the electrical components in the lighting fixture. Indoor Damp Locations include indoor pool areas, utility rooms and over bathtubs or showers in bathrooms (without risk of direct water contact).

  • What is the warranty for Soraa Radiant?

    Soraa products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards.  Soraa Radiant™ light bulbs are guaranteed to last 5 years based on rated life of 3 hours use per day at the specified operating voltage.

  • Can Soraa bulbs be installed upside down, as in a fan?

    Soraa BR30’s, MR16’s and GU10’s are meant to be installed in upside down recessed lighting, and can also be installed upright. Typical install for Radiant A19 is upright, but it can be installed upside down or horizontal with no compromise of quality.

  • Do Soraa bulbs turn on instantly, or do they require a warm up period?

    Soraa bulbs are instant-on, and turn on at full brightness. They do not have warm-up period as with some CFL’s.

  • Does Soraa Radiant contain blue light?

    Soraa Radiant creates beautiful, full spectrum white light by using a combination of violet and blue LED crystals, so Radiant does contain blue light. For a ZERO BLUE option, Soraa Healthy will be launching soon.

  • What is full spectrum light?

    Full spectrum light means a light source can emulate the full spectrum of light, from violet on one end of the spectrum to deep red on the other. A full spectrum light source would make color look similar to how it would look in natural light, or sunlight. Standard LED bulbs have “color gaps” on the far ends of the spectrum, and in turn have trouble making deep reds and true whites look as they should in nature. Soraa Radiant is full spectrum light, with no color gaps. Soraa Radiant makes everything look real, and never artificial.