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The Only Blue-free, Sleep-friendly Light


Meet SORAA ZEROBLUE, the world’s first and only blue-free LED lamp that creates light environments that support health and well-being. SORAA ZEROBLUE lamps are designed with our unique SORAA ZEROBLUE technology, which means your body gets the biological benefits of blue-free light in the evening as nature intended. Nights are more restful, your body relaxes, and sleep comes more easily.

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Well-Lit = Well-Being


Introducing SORAA ZEROBLUE, the world’s first blue-free lamp portfolio, designed with proprietary ZEROBLUE technology.





Supporting Sleep with SORAA ZEROBLUE Technology


We designed SORAA ZEROBLUE lamps with our groundbreaking ZEROBLUE technology to help people enjoy the sleep they need and deserve. With ZEROBLUE, SORAA ZEROBLUE lamps emit a blue-free spectrum reducing melanopic lumens by ~40% compared to conventional LEDs and without suffering from the yellow cast of other sleep-friendly LEDs.

All the Beauty Without the Blue

You might think that by removing blue spectrum from these lamps you lose the color quality, but that’s not the case. Like all of our products,  SORAA ZEROBLUE lamps feature our proprietary violet LEDs which means the  quality of light isn’t sacrificed. The result? A pleasant, natural white light that’s also healthy.


SORAA’s meticulously engineered mix of red and green phosphors produces a spectrum with a wide gap in the blue range to completely remove blue. Others often suggest simply dimming light or creating color schemes will lower blue content in their products which simply isn’t true. With SORAA ZEROBLUE lamps, there is none of that. Just zero blue light that speaks for itself.


Sleep Easy with SORAA ZEROBLUE


When emitted naturally by the sun, blue light stimulates productivity and alertness which is great during the day. As the day continues, the sun naturally removes blue, prompting us to prepare for sleep. Because we are spending more of our waking hours indoors and under artificial light, we run the risk of blue light overexposure during the evening hours, which has the potential to affect a restful night's sleep.

Designed with ZEROBLUE technology, SORAA ZEROBLUE lamps help the body recognize the end of the day as nature intended. In turn, people are better prepared for sleep than when exposed to light with blue content in the visible spectrum.



SORAA co-founder Dr. Shuji Nakamura discusses the importance of healthy light supporting restful sleep.


Enhancing Sleep and the Human Experience


Lighting designers, architects, and specifiers are beginning to carefully consider products that emphasize health and well-being. SORAA ZEROBLUE solutions give them even more lighting options to illuminate spaces that prioritize health and the human experience.

SORAA ZEROBLUE lamps are optimal lighting solutions for spaces where improved rest and sleep can lead to daytime productivity. Enhance experiences in a range of applications where people spend a majority of their waking and evening hours with SORAA ZEROBLUE, including homes, hotels, workplaces, schools, hospitals, and caregiving facilities.