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Soraa Press Releases

Soraa’s LED Lamp Line Becomes the First to Receive California’s JA8-2016-E Certification

Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaNTM LED technology, announced today that it is the first company to have a complete line of LED lamps from MR16s to PARs certified JA8-2016-E under California’s new Title 24 lighting standard. Beginning January 1, 2017, all permitted new and retrofit construction projects will require JA8-2016-E certified lamps.

To qualify for California’s new lighting standard, LED lamps need to have a color rendering index (CRI) of 90+ and a deep red (R9) rendering greater than 50. In addition, they must feature less than 30% stroboscopic flicker; must dim below 10%; and the color point must be very consistent from lamp-to-lamp, within a 3McA ellipse.

Meeting and exceeding the JA8 certification requirements, Soraa’s LED lamps render colors beautifully and accurately with a CRI of 95 and R9 of 95; have 3McA color consistency; dim as low as 1%; and feature drivers with very low flicker.

A full list of Soraa’s certified JA8-2016-E compliant LED lamps is on the California Energy Commission’s website (select “Soraa VIVID” under Brand, or search for “Lighting Products” and “2016 JA8 High Efficacy Lighting” under Appliance Type).